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Mercedes Benz A Class Saloon

Mercedes have extended their A-Class family with the all new 4 door saloon while adopting the same high tech approach as the well known hatch.

Don’t be fooled this is not the New CLA , its in fact the New Mercedes A-Class Saloon (or Sedan depending on which side of the pond you are?) 

The all new Mercedes Benz A-Class Saloon has 4 doors and a proper boot measuring in at 4549mm long, which is 130mm longer than the A-class hatchback, but is the same width at 1796mm.  Its 2729mm wheelbase is identical, so don’t expect any more interior space , but the sensible roofline of the new saloon should make it more comfortable than the old CLA, and Mercedes says it will have best-in-class headroom. 

The cabin, as you’d expect, is effectively identical to the A-class hatch, We’re already familiar with the A’s “MBUX” interior tech though. The smallest Mercedes is currently class-leading in this regard, with voice-activated functions that actually work, a responsive touchscreen and a refreshingly pared-back cabin design that ditches large slabs of plastic dashboard for an airier feel. 

Engines currently available

116 HP A180 Diesel  

162 HP A200 Petrol  

190 HP A220 Petrol 

224 HP A250 Petrol   

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