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2021 Mercedes Benz S Class – Part 1 MBUX

Those of you whom use the Uber App in and around your urban playground will quickly recognise the shape and curves of the S Class in the Uber Lux section, but prior to the popular ride hailing app’s existence the S Class has always been the preferred carriage for executive and VIP passengers.

rear passenger control of the MBUX

Since its inception in 1972 the S class has always been the model of choice for Mercedes to debut their latest tech and innovations on, we are told the new 2021 S-Class will live up to its heritage and boasts cutting edge tech with their latest rendition of the MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience)

feature rich new rendition of the MBUX

Due to make its world premier in September 2020, we thought we would bring you the first teaser in Mercedes’s tri-part campaign.

The new MBUX -Mercedes Benz User Experience

There will be up to five displays available in the revamped S-Class: a fully digital instrument cluster, the 12.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and as many as three rear displays. OLED technology will be available for crisper graphics with more natural colours while consuming 30 percent less energy than a conventional LCD.

More innovation brought by the W223 is an optional head-up display with augmented reality (AR) support for navigation as well as the driving assistance systems.

Augmented Sat Nav in the heads up display

The AR-enabled variant has an aperture angle of 10 degrees horizontal and five degrees vertical, with the image appearing virtually at a distance of 10 metres (32.8 feet). This substantial display area is equivalent to a 77-inch, which adopts tech that is implemented in beamers used in the cinemas.

While the driver’s display might seem familiar at a first glance, the digital instrument cluster available with four display styles and three modes is of the three-dimensional variety without having to wear 3D glasses, this is what Mercedes had to say

“In this innovative auto-stereoscopic display, this [3D effect] is achieved by the sophisticated combination of a conventional LCD display with a special pixel structure and a controllable LCD aperture grille. What is known as a barrier mask is positioned a few millimetres in front of the LCD. It is so precisely adjusted to the head position of the viewer that the left and right eye see different pixels of the LCD.

This creates the desired impression of depth. A stereo camera system is integrated into the display. This is used to precisely determine the eye position of the viewer. Thanks to methods developed by Mercedes-Benz to adapt distances and a very low-latency system configuration, the driver enjoys a wide range of free movement. The image in the driver display is continuously adjusted.”

Elsewhere the new S-Class will boast a more advanced voice assistant with support for 27 languages and a better understanding of what the occupants are saying. Even those sitting in the back can use it courtesy of several microphones that also help the MBUX figure out which seat the voice is coming from. You can even use voice control to change the settings of the heated and massaging seats as an alternative to using the controls on the door cards or the virtual buttons embedded into the big display.

Stay tuned for part 2…..

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