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2020 Mercedes Benz AMG E63 Facelift

Mercedes Benz is rolling out refreshed versions of its E-Class range, with the newly updated E63 finishing off the team. It is joined by the recently refreshed saloon and estate, coupe and cabriolet models.

When Mercedes say refreshed you can expect more tech and luxury with smoother updated exterior curves.

An A class on steroids

The exterior boasts new a grill and light refinements (both front and rear) are more horizontal than vertical, giving the E-Class the same sort of flavour as its younger siblings. Base models and Exclusive Line models in Europe still get the traditional upright grille with hood decoration, but it’s more than likely that UK models will feature the more sporting grille with central star as standard.

The redesigned lights are full LED as standard, with fancy Multibeam adaptive units boosting longer range of beams.

AMG models will feature a redesigned bonnet with power domes, while the All-Terrain will be spiritually closer to its SUV siblings such as the GLC, with chrome finishes replacing the brushed silver found on the previous model. At the rear, the Coupe and Cabriolet versions have even flatter, horizontal light clusters than the saloon or estate versions.

The Interior

As you’d expect, Mercedes have also refreshed the inside of the E,  there’s the latest MBUX operating system at the core of it all. It operates via two screens – either 10.25-inches or optionally 12.3-inches, arranged side-by-side under the same glossy enclosure to give a real widescreen experience.

We’ve seen all this in recent models such as the GLS, but we’ve not seen the E-Class’ new steering wheel before. It’s either a split three-spoke design or a six-spoke one, depending how literal you are. Essentially, that means it looks to be rather more of a button-fest than even Merc’s previous wheel, though how many of those are physical switches and how many are touch-sensitive remains to be seen.

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